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Great Place to Enjoy     Chocolate Creations
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It is our customers that we call our friends that we will miss the most. Wicked Chocolates will be effectively closed after April 30th.

There is no sadness greater then saying goodbye. It is not from failure that we say goodbye. It was the passion and diligence of you our customers that kept us in spirit. We do not have any future plans at this time to open else where but will be available on a limited basis at two of the local coffee shoppes for Almond Macaroons. 


Thank you ALL again for your support and smiles over the years. You were as much a part of our lives as we were in yours. 


The store hours will be changing just a little for the next few weeks. Please call or view this page for updates. 


Life evolves like stones on the riverbed. It is a constant reminder that the flow is what shapes our lives and moves us to the end of the river. Worn but never broken the rocks collect as a reminder to all that no matter where you are in life you always must go with the flow. 

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